Infrared Testing & Inspections in Houston TX

A home or business building can often hide serious problems just behind a wall or beneath a floor. Normal visual inspections cannot see into these areas, meaning that oftentimes, these issues remain unseen until they become a major issue. With infrared testing and inspection services, however, inspectors can now detect issues that may be lurking out of sight at your Houston-area property.

Using thermal inspections and infrared imaging technology, the professionals at Core Home Inspectors can take a closer look at surfaces in your structure and identify otherwise invisible problems. Using infrared testing, inspectors can get temperature readings of walls and floors, allowing them to get a deeper insight into issues at your home or business. This can include insufficient insulation, drafts, exposed electrical wiring, plumbing problems and much more.

Fully licensed by the state of Texas and insured beyond state minimums, Core Home Inspectors have helped countless clients with their properties. Their five-star reviews and ratings go to show the satisfaction of their customers, and inspection reports returned within 48 hours of completion, you can trust that they will provide you with the insight and information you need fast, allowing you to make repair and replacement decisions quickly to solve any problem uncovered during your infrared testing and inspection.

To learn more about thermal inspections or to schedule an appointment for an infrared testing and inspection at your property, call Core Home Inspections at 713-517-5389 today!