Termite Inspections in Houston TX

Don’t take a risk with your home. Have your property inspected for termites and other pests and stay ahead of these wood-destroying insects.

Core Home Inspectors offers a comprehensive pest and termite inspection service for homes and businesses in the greater Houston area of Texas. Their team of pest control experts knows the signs of termites and other bugs that can wreak havoc on structures. Fully state licensed and backed by years of experience, the experts at Core Home Inspections will review all areas of your home that may be at risk and uncover any signs of pest infestations.

There are many different types of pests that can destroy the wood structures in your home. The inspection professionals at Core Home Inspectors can identify any infiltration of these insects and determine what pests you have and how best to eliminate them. Identifying the problem early is key to preventing serious damage that can cost you thousands. Scheduling a pest and termite inspection at the first sign of a concern can save you from expensive repair bills or even structural failures.

Don’t let wood-destroying insects get the upper hand at your home or business. Call the team at Core Home Inspections at 713-517-5389 and schedule a pest and termite inspection at your Houston property today.